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Wedding Tips and Traditions


After doing weddings for 15 years, being trilingual and understanding and done some multicutural events, I've had the honor to learn a great deal, implement and suggest Tips and Different Activities for receptions, keep in mind every wedding is different, every vision from a Bride and Groom are different but that's what makes this field fun and interesting, below you'll find some facts/tips and traditions, however I will keep some for when we meet I get to share my knowledge, hear your ideas and offer you my suggestions!

Tips and Facts


  • Make sure you select music or your DJ plays music during the entire wedding, for exception of the Toasts and Announcements ofcourse, this way there won't be what we call dead air or the awkward moment that your guests won't know what's happening, music creates the ambiance of your reception.


  • The Bar! Ah the famous Bar, by having your bar inside the reception room, you will keep everyone close to the dance area, it's key, otherwise when you seperate the bar from the reception room, your dance floor most likely will be half way empty, the gentleman tend to stay at the bar more often, this way they can be closer to their significant other and dance more! (Yes a fact!)


  • Turn Off The Lights! (No the song from Nelly Furtado) but after your formal dances are done the dance floor is about to open make sure your wedding or venue coordinator turns off the lights, the DJ will have his dance floor lighting and or uplighting. Trust me not everyone likes to be in the spotlight unless they're professional ballroom dancers, having the lights deemed from the venue will be more inviting to those shy dancers, but it also creates the party feeling as once again the DJ will have his Classy Fun Lights ready to go. (Yes a Fact!)


  • Bride & Groom spend some time on the Dance Floor! Dear Bride think yourself as a Queen Bee(in the best sense of the word) wherever the Queen Bee goes the workers follow her, same with weddings, wherever the Bride and Groom goes the guests will definitely follow behind, if you want your guests on the Dance Floor, make sure you spend sometime there with them It's Guaranteed to work (Yes A Must!)


  • Have your bridal party engaged on the dance floor too, bridal party is key to a great dancing reception, why? most bridal party members will have not only their significant other there, but at least a family member or friend, same reaction as above.


  • If you have a Photobooth at your reception, it's pretty much the same thing as the Bar, try to keep everything in the same room where dancing will take place.


Wedding Traditions 


  • Garter Removal and Toss, yes it has been a tradition for decades, however there's no golden rule, a lot of the Couples I work with are foregoing some of the traditions, some brides don't want to be in the spotlight of the removal moment, here are just a couple of fun ideas:

  1. If the groom is into sports, have the garter already wrapped around a football, have the groom toss it, it's always fun.

  2. Years ago I had a Bride very concerned about not being in the spotlight, the groom wasn't into sports so instead of having a garter at all, I suggested for the groom to throw a wallet with a gift card inside, it worked like a charm and everyone was happy.

There are so many more suggestions available, make sure to ask me!


  • The Bouquet Toss, there will be times in which not that many single ladies will be present so what do you do?:

  1. Do the Anniversary Dance and give the Bouquet as a gift to the winning couple 

  2. Do a type of Lottery and draw a paper with winner

  3. Even better open the floor for all the ladies/girls married or single.


  • Money Dance, another tradition that depending on your culture it will be important to have, however if not done correctly it can go up to 30mins or more. Yes there's a trick to having it a lot shorter and it involves your Bridesmaids, don't forget to aks me about when we meet or talk on the phone!


Fact! Did you know that in some European Countries, it's customary for the Bride to pass her shoe around to her guests to collect money for their honey moon and prosperity.


Games and Activities:


Now you don't need to have any extra activies or games at yor wedding, Remember "Your wedding, your way" however some couples love to have their guests engaged and entertained during dinner time, even during dancing. So many cultures require as a tradition to keep the guests entertained during dinner. My experience allows me to suggest depending on your culture the best activities for your event.

But I will give you at least 2 that are fun:


  • The Anniversary Dance (it's also known as the Longest Married Couple Dance): We invite all the married couples to the dance floor, while dancing to a nice slow song (any genre, rat pack, R&B, modern slow song, country) I'll start eliminating couples of years of marriage, until we get the last standing couple... I'll keep it a that watch some my videos to see it live it's fun, it's sweet and it creates memories click here


  • Raise the Shoe Game or the Compability Game: Normally the bride and groom will remove their shoes, holding each one of eachother shoes, the point of the game is see how compatible or how much they know one anoher, silly right they just got married but everyone is trying to see how much they know eachother, you have no idea of what goes one and how many laughs come along when I start asking questions to see how many answers the match. There are different ways to do this game and to get the questions, fun part is when you get guests involved.


There are so many games available that are fun, engaging, they're classy I present them elegantly, make it fun and memorable for everyone. Make sure you ask but watch some of the videos. Again This is only done when the Bride and Groom request for it.



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