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Ruby Hill Country Club Wedding DJs Pleasanton

Loved doing this wedding, we provided from the beginning to the end with the this wedding, I was super honored to be the not only the DJ-MC for Sovannie and Stephen but also their Wedding Ceremony Officiant and it was a lot of fun, lots of smiles, laughs, happy tears.

The room looked amazing with with our accent gobo lighting and uplights, the "Lion Dancers" had a special appearance at the wedding as tradition goes, photobooth was busy all night and they never stopped dancing. Groom provided some Cambodian tracks to play and it complimented the evening greatly as they did their traditional dances as well. Congratulations.

Worked with amazing and talented vendors:

Venue: Ruby Hill Country Club - Melissa Johnson (Event and venue coordinator)

Photographer: Martin Vo from Cinecrown

We provided:

Wedding Officiant Services

Ceremony Sound and Support


Decor Lighting and Uplighting

Photobooth Rental

Ruby Hill Country Club Plesanton Decor Lighting

Ruby Hill Country Club Weddings

Ruby Hill Country Club Chinese Weddings

Ruby Hill Country Club Plesanton DJs

Ruby Hill Country Club Plesanton Photobooth

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